Thursday, August 23, 2012

Project Inspiration

Bored at work today led me to looking over long-neglected knitting blogs I follow.  Also found a few more to add to my long list of subscribed blogs.  And oh my, so much inspiration!!  This is why it is dangerous to browse knitting blogs... I'm currently plugging away at a huge afghan with no clue as to how long it is going to take me to finish (80 rows done so far and its maybe a little over a foot long?).  The reason I set it aside in the first place was a want to do other projects that were more likely to have a finish date and thus satisfaction.  And now i've done about the same amount of work as I had the first time around.. and now i'm itching to do other projects again.  Maybe it's just the curse of this afghan.. haha.  Honestly, I need to spend some time finishing up my green sweater too - its about time I get over my fear of armhole seaming.  And i've also got those two lace scarves sitting in my knitting bag, only partially done..

But... THIS!!!

You can't tell me that isn't amazing.  And somehow, I think i could do that.  I've done one lace shawl that came out really well.  And I've been wanting a pretty parasol that can go with several costumes.  I'd never thought - Hey, I can KNIT one!!  That's just too cool.  I'm going to *have* to try this.. eventually.

Edit:  This pattern is called Omelet.

I also recently bought an online class from that could help me with fitting my sweaters.  Not that I've made more than one sweater yet, and even that one is still in the works.  But the class includes a bit about armholes, so I'm hoping it might give me some pointers to finishing up my current sweater.  And I do *love* a lot of sweater patterns..I just get scared about the enormity of those projects.  And they always require soooo much yarn.  But i've got some stashed away for big projects.. I need to just set to those and make myself a couple more sweaters.  Practice will just help me get better.  At fitting as well as all the other techniques.

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  1. That parasol is amazing. Don't know why it had never occurred to me to make one, other than the fact that unless it is stretched out all the time, it is likely to get snagged. Still, gorgeous.

    WendyKnits reviewed this book on fit: